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I'm Jimmie, a full-stack developer specializing in AI and creating immersive websites, user-friendly mobile apps, and integrated systems. I help businesses evolve with technology and achieve their goals in the digital landscape.

Oh, not a techy, eh? I spin webs and make your data do the cha-cha!

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About Jimmie Johansson

I discovered my passion for programming in high school, influenced by renowned Swedish social platforms. This enthusiasm guided me to early professional engagements, such as developing, a community website, and creating a CRM service for FL-net AB.

After high school, I launched my own business and subsequently joined iResponse Media AB in Stockholm. Emphasizing hands-on experience, I took roles at Define, Wilson Creative, and spearheaded the development of 24 Media Group's newspaper websites at Lindmark Partner. This journey transitioned into my work at Codebet, where I undertook diverse projects and collaborated with Naviga Content Lab AB.

I later initiated my own consultancy and established GemTicket, which is a ticketing platform for sporting teams. Now, with extensive experience under my belt, I specialize in crafting digital solutions that cultivate community and empower businesses online.

Started programming

Sparking my early interest in programming, phpportalen served as my guiding beacon, providing invaluable resources that jump-started my journey in coding.

First internship

At FL-net, I embarked on my professional journey, building community-focused digital platforms. Here I also got my first paid project, marking a significant milestone in my career.

High school exam and Youtube

In 2009, I delved deeper into the world of programming, leveraging YouTube tutorials to expand my skills and knowledge.

Started my first company

Taking a leap of faith, I launched my own company, embracing the rewarding challenge of entrepreneurship in the tech industry. I did also play a ton of poker which was a business in itself.

iResponse & Stockholm

My career journey took a new turn when I secured my first employment as a developer at iResponse Media AB in Stockholm, marking a pivotal point in my professional growth. Also, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Becoming a real developer

With a relentless pursuit of growth, I aspired to become a 'real' developer, aiming for professional evolution in the field by starting to study to get a university qualification. But got a job before I was done.


My first year at Define was an exciting adventure, full of growth and new opportunities as I explored the dynamic world of professional web development in a very small team. Started running.

Evolving our work

In my second year at Define, our dedicated team achieved a significant victory, winning the procurement to create the website for Kalmar Science Park. Also built the new Nybro Vikings website, which would survive for 10 years.

More advanced CSS

In my third year at Define, as CSS emerged as a powerful framework for animations, our UX-focused team began leveraging these tools to craft even more engaging, user-friendly websites.

Wilson Creative

I joined Wilson Creative. One of the most exhilarating years of my career unfolded here. One of our projects gained traction on Twitter and made television appearances.

Lindmark & Partner

My tenure at Lindmark Partner offered me the unique opportunity to delve into the world of daily newspapers, broadening my skills and perspective in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

At Lindmark Partner, I had the exciting opportunity to work on the livescore app, blending my passion for technology with the dynamic world of sports. Sadly this project never was launched.


My first year at Codebet marked a thrilling chapter in my career, as we was such a good team of people. Everybody cared.

Newspapers again

In my second year at Codebet, I continued to expand my technical skills, tackling challenging projects. Got rented out as a consultant for a newspaper business.


As the pandemic unfolded, it prompted introspection, leading me to explore a newfound interest in personal training. Quit my job.


When Nybro Vikings sought a more cost-effective ticketing system, I seized the opportunity, transforming the challenge into a new business venture.

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